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r p communications is above all a team of passionate professionals. Whatever their training and background, they all share a global vision of Communication and PR. Nomad RP Communication supports its clients in perfect adequacy with their identity and objectives.

Table 4 presents a critical comparison of observed facilitation Ws using the ‘Cycle of Communication’ model (Fig. 1). These three Ws displayed different facilitation approaches.


RP-COM is an acronym that stands for Role Play Communications. It is a term that has been used by researchers to refer to the communication between different communities about the things they are interested in. This is done through social media and other forms of digital communication. It has become popular in recent years because of the growth of rp-communities on the internet.

Typical RP pronunciations

There are many aspects of standard British English that are distinctive from other varieties of English. Among them is the pronunciation of the /r/ sound, which in RP is not dropped in the middle of words as it is in other accents. It is also pronounced in a manner that is closer to the original sound of the language before it was modified by the various changes introduced through spelling and phonology.

Other characteristics of RP include a lack of the father-bother merger and the cot-caught merger that occur in some other accents, a neutralisation of the difference between the triphthongs /aI@/ as in tower, tar, lower and eI@/ as in layer and oI@/ as in loyal and the loss of the distinction between short and long vowels. It is common for RP speakers to lengthen the short a vowel before fricative or nasal consonants in a subset of words. Examples of this are trap /traep/, cat /kaet/ and dad /daed/. They may also lengthen the short u vowel to create the diphthong /ju:/ in words such as news /nuz/ and Tuesday /tju:zdeI/.

The RP record specifies the mailbox of the person or organization responsible for the hostname. It is a type of DNS resource record that allows individuals to contact the person or organization that is responsible for managing a domain’s DNS records. The RP record does not affect email delivery or mail server configuration.

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