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D & P Communications – Fiber to the Home and Fiber to the Business

D&P Communications is a locally-based provider of Internet, TV and phone services. They focus on the communities in Lenawee and western Monroe County and have long been a community partner, supporting many schools, charities and local events. Their employees shop in your local stores, drive the same roads and raise their families here.

Fiber to the Home

With fiber to the home, or FTTH, optical fiber cables are run directly from your internet service provider (ISP) network all the way to your house. This is a vastly improved connection technology that uses much higher bandwidth than traditional copper or coaxial cable connections.

The key difference is that with a fiber to the home connection, your data travels along light signals instead of electrical ones. This makes it much faster and more reliable. It is also more immune to interference.

In a residential installation, the technicians will run multimode OM3 or OM4 fiber from the NID to your house. Once in the house, they will connect the fiber to a modem. From there, the modem will convert the light signals back to electric ones that can be sent over traditional copper phone lines and coaxial cables. This is called the last mile. This will future proof your structured wiring installation for years to come.

Fiber to the Business

Fiber to the business, also known as FTTB, creates a reliable connection for businesses of all sizes. Unlike home fibre that runs to a nearby node, business fibre is deployed directly to your business.

As a business owner, you know how many devices your employees use to connect to the internet and run their work. That’s why it’s important to have a line that can handle your current usage and scale up for future growth without clogging up. That’s where a high-speed fiber connection can save your company money and improve productivity by ensuring that you have enough bandwidth to power the latest technologies.

d p communications provides business customers with options that best suit their needs. Whether you live in a fiber to the business (FTTB) or hybrid-fiber coaxial (HFC) area, you can enjoy business cable, phone and internet services with industry-leading technology. Contact us to see what plans are available for your business.

High-Speed Internet

Internet speed determines how fast you can work, play and communicate online. A typical Internet connection is measured in megabits per second (Mbps), with one Mbps equaling 1,024 kilobits.

For light Internet use, a 10 Mbps connection is sufficient. A higher internet connection is required for a small household with multiple devices, heavy internet usage and high-demand utilities such as HD video streaming, multiparty video conferencing and online gaming.

Businesses of all sizes need reliable, high-speed Internet to stay competitive in the marketplace. High-speed Internet provides a stable connection for remote workers and prevents losses from a slow or unavailable website that makes customers turn to competitors.

D & P Communications is your local telecommunications provider offering the best Internet speeds in Lenawee and western Monroe County. The company’s employees live in the communities they serve, shop at local stores and support a long list of community-focused organizations, schools, scholarships and events. As a locally-based business, the company is committed to staying on the cutting edge of new technology and providing its customers with the best products available.

Phone Service

D & P Communications is the only locally-based Internet, cable and phone service provider in Lenawee and western Monroe County. Their employees shop in the same stores, drive the same roads and send their kids to local schools and are passionate about the communities they serve. D & P is also committed to supporting a long list of community organizations, charities, school scholarships, festivals and events.

D & P Communication’s business customers get a clear, reliable connection at a price that makes sense for them. Their business phone services include unlimited local calling and pay-per-minute international, plus a host of other options to customize the service for your company’s needs. Artonic helped D & P launch an expanded website that features a custom tool for customers to build their own TV/Phone/Internet bundle and a secure backend for D & P to manage pricing, territory data and outage service maps.

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