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HP Communications Inc

Hp Communications Inc is a General Contractor. They have worked on 39 jobs in the past 12 months. They usually don’t require a deposit upfront. Typical contract pay terms are 60 days to 90 days.

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Telecom Services

HP Communications Inc offers engineering services. The Company provides fabrication, existing lease structure, aerial network construction, new underground construction, fiber and copper splicing, testing, electrical division, network repair, and project management services. HP Communications serves customers in the United States.

Hp Communications Inc has worked on 39 jobs in the past 12 months according to public records. This includes both jobs completed by subcontractors and direct hire employees. No liens have been filed against this company in the past 12 months. Learn more about the top contractors by exploring their full job history.

Hp Communications Inc has used the following technologies on their projects. See which ones they use most often. ECMAScript is a scripting language standardized by the Ecma International. Font Awesome makes it easy to add vector icons and social logos to your web pages.

Telecommunications Services

According to available project data, Hp Communications Inc has worked on 39 projects over the past 12 months. These projects range in size from $15K – $100K. Typically, Hp Communications Inc works as a General Contractor. Learn more about Hp Communications Inc by exploring their full job history. 0 liens have been filed against Hp Communications Inc in the past 12 months. See typical contract payment terms in the table below.

Discover the technologies used by h p communications inc. Hp Communications Inc uses Bootstrap, JavaScript, Font Awesome, and ECMAScript. These are some of the key technologies used by prospects on their websites.

Wireless Services

Find the key decision-makers at HP Communications, Inc. in less than 30 seconds. Get contact details, title and name of each person, industry listing and more. Compare companies and uncover critical information to make strategic business decisions.

Hp Communications Inc of California provides engineering services. The Company offers fabrication, existing lease structure, aerial network construction, project management, electrical division, fiber splicing, testing, and networking repair services. It serves telecom providers and cable TV companies. Hp Communications was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in San Diego, CA. Hp Communications employs approximately 335 people.

Use 6sense to discover the technologies used by h p communications inc.

Wireless Paging & Messaging

Paging systems are highly effective tools for businesses to broadcast announcements and messages across large facilities. These communication networks typically include a central transmitter and receiver devices. In addition, they may also feature strobe lights and intercoms that facilitate efficient workflow coordination. Paging systems are particularly useful in the healthcare industry for emergency alerts and notifications.

They also help in the hospitality industry to communicate service requests efficiently. SIGNALGRYD provides several queue management paging solutions, including Linear Queue System, Queue Number Calling, and Ticketed Queue System that help in improving customer experience by reducing waiting time.

These networks are highly reliable, functioning independently of cellular networks and delivering messages through wireless signals. They can also transmit data such as inventory updates or the status of a machine. They are also more cost-effective than a traditional voice communication device. They also allow for easy expansion and installation.

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The Evolution and Excitem …

Casino gaming has evolved, transitioning from the glitzy halls of Las Vegas to the digital realm, where the thrill of slots and the challenge of the card tables beckon enthusiasts from the comforts of their own homes. As we delve into the world of online casinos, a universe of chance and strategy unfolds, allowing players to experience the rush of a wager with just a click. The advancements in technology have transformed the traditional casino experience, giving birth to the modern phenomenon known as 카지노사이트, or casino sites.

Embarking on a virtual casino journey promises convenience and a plethora of gaming options, ranging from classic table games like blackjack and roulette to innovative video slots brimming with dazzling graphics and immersive soundtracks. The immediacy of online play means that at any moment, whether curled up in bed or sneaking a quick game on a lunch break, the casino world is at your fingertips, only a heartbeat away from the thrill of potential winnings.

The allure of 카지노사이트 does not rest solely on accessibility or variety but also on the sense of community it fosters. Live dealer games connect players with real, professional dealers, simulating the buzz of a land-based casino while chat functions and multiplayer games create social dynamics that enrich the gaming experience. Beyond gaming, these sites often provide tutorials and free-play modes, allowing newcomers to find their footing in this ever-spinning world without the pressure of monetary stakes.

Yet, the sphere of online casino gaming is not without its labyrinth. Navigating through this maze of options, players must keep a keen eye on the legitimacy of websites, the fairness of game mechanics, and the security of their financial transactions. Engaging with a reputable 카지노사이트 is paramount to ensuring that the excitement of the games is not overshadowed by concerns over legality and safety.

In crafting an ending to our exploration, we arrive at a fundamental understanding – the essence of an online casino is not solely found in its games or convenience, but in the experience it offers. As players seek out the thrill of the bet and the joy of a potential win, they contribute to the pulsating life of the casino site, each spin, and shuffle a note in the symphony of online gambling.


1. How do you ensure the safety of playing on 카지노사이트?
Choose casino sites that are licensed and regulated by reputable gaming authorities, employ strong encryption methods for data protection, and display transparent terms of service.

2. Can you try games for free on online casino sites?
Many online casinos offer demo or free-play versions of their games, allowing players to try them out without wagering real money.

3. Are live dealer games available at all online casinos?
Not all, but many online casinos feature live dealer games, which offer a realistic casino experience with live streaming dealers.

4. Can you play on 카지노사이트 from your mobile device?
Yes, most online casino sites are optimized for mobile play, and some even offer dedicated mobile apps.

5. What are common payment methods accepted by 카지노사이트?
Common payment methods include credit/debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and sometimes cryptocurrency.

Improving Personal Commun …

How Personal Computing Devices Make Your Own Personal Communications Better

Many of the gadgets in our homes and offices are specialized computers. For example, smart speakers and smart plugs may be used to control lights and appliances, or track your fitness and health.

Since the early 1990s, personal computers based on Microsoft operating systems and Intel hardware have dominated the market. Alternatives include Apple’s Mac OS and free and open-source Unix-like operating systems.


Often described as “a minicomputer in your pocket,” the smartphone has become a modern-day Swiss army knife that keeps people connected to family, friends and coworkers. It takes pictures, plays music and videos, tracks fitness activities and provides a wide range of productivity tools. It also serves as a portable library of books, movies and games.

A smartphone typically has more RAM, a powerful processor and more storage space than a basic cell phone. Its screen is larger, and it supports a USB connection to laptop or desktop computers for data transfer and software updates. It can support third-party accessories such as power charging cables and extra speakers. Many smartphones come with built-in basic applications that provide users with calendar, contacts, maps, clocks and weather information.

They include a hardware or software QWERTY keyboard for easy typing. The ability to sync more than one email account is also a common feature. In addition, a smartphone typically supports apps that let you use it for shopping, tracking health statistics, logging workouts and monitoring the news.


A tablet is a portable computer that can be held in one hand and often resembles a large smartphone. These devices are used for surfing the web, reading email, playing games, and streaming video.

They have built-in wireless connectivity so they can connect to the internet over Wi-Fi or cellular networks. Most tablets have a touchscreen that is operated using finger gestures or a stylus. Some have a built-in keyboard and mouse for typing.

Popular tablets run on mobile operating systems like iOS, Android, and Chrome OS. These are similar to the desktop software you might have on a Windows or Mac PC, but they’re optimized for the smaller form factor and touch-based input.

You can use a tablet to access a vast library of mobile apps for doing everything from checking email and monitoring the weather to playing games, learning, navigating with GPS, creating presentations and documents, and more. Some also offer voice recognition, allowing you to activate features with your voice.


Wearables consist of smart technology that you can wear throughout the day, usually around your wrist. These devices can help with a number of areas, including fitness and health, aging, education, transportation, finance, and gaming.

A few examples of wearables include fitness trackers, smartwatches, and even glasses. Wearables can also be used to measure a variety of parameters, such as blood pressure and glucose levels.

However, it’s important to note that wearables must be designed carefully for long term customer engagement. For example, a fitness tracking device might encourage someone to walk more, but it will be difficult for them to ignore a traffic jam on the way to work or thoughts about their next project at home. This leads to short-term use and eventual abandonment. This is why extended producer responsibility (EPR) laws have been introduced in several countries and states. These laws promote the purchase of used electronics, reducing electronic waste and improving recycling rates.


Whether they’re called desktop computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones, personal computing devices help you get tasks done more quickly than the human brain can. They allow you to access a wealth of information and resources, including free resources, and can improve your quality of life and standard of living.

Computers are able to perform tasks at a rate of millions of operations per second. They can also do tasks that would be impossible to do with a calculator or on paper.

Modern personal computers typically use graphical user interfaces that enable the user to perform routine tasks by pointing at pictorial symbols and selecting commands using pull-down menus and windows. They run software applications for word processing, spreadsheets and databases, Internet browsing and e-mail, digital media playback and games, as well as a host of other productivity and special-purpose programs. Since the early 1990s, Microsoft operating systems running on Intel hardware have dominated the market, earning it the common designation “Wintel.” Apple computers run the Mac OS and free open-source Unix-like operating systems such as Linux have gained ground in recent years.

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Sports Broadcasting: Brea …

In the age of digital media, 스포츠중계, or sports broadcasting, has transformed from a simple pastime into an immersive experience. Fans around the globe tune in not just to catch the scores or watch their favorite teams play, but to feel part of the game itself. They crave the intensity, the adrenaline, and the community that sports deliver, all from the comfort of their own homes or local establishments.

Imagine this: vibrant stadiums pulsing with energy, where every cheer and gasp is felt deep in your bones. Now picture capturing that energy and funneling it through a screen directly into the viewer’s heart. This is the magic of sports broadcasting. It bridges distances, breaks barriers, and crafts a shared narrative for millions.

Begin your journey into the heart of the action with a simple click on 스포츠중계, where every game is more than just an event—it’s a saga. Experience the highs, the lows, and the sheer unpredictability that comes with each match. With crystal-clear streams and real-time updates, it’s about never missing a beat and always being in the loop.

To achieve this electrifying experience, broadcasters employ state-of-the-art technology. Multiple camera angles, instant replays, and in-depth analyses create a three-dimensional perspective of the game. It’s as if the viewer is there, making each strategy, each move, and each play alongside their sports heroes.

Now let’s explore the ever-evolving strategies and frameworks within sports broadcasting that ensure maximum engagement and audience retention. Utilizing a conversational style, let’s delve into the use of personal pronouns and active voice to establish a direct connection with the audience. Could this technique, alongside rhetorical questions, analogies, and metaphors, enhance your viewing experience? Absolutely! It personalizes your encounter with the sport, inviting you to be an active participant rather than a passive observer.

As the final whistle blows and the game concludes, a good broadcast will always wrap up with a solid conclusion, summarizing the nail-biting moments and the extraordinary performances. Reflecting on the game’s impact and its unforgettable memories solidifies the connection between the sport, its players, and the audience.


1. What makes 스포츠중계 engaging for viewers?
The use of technology to bring immersive experiences, interactive elements, and the connection it fosters among sports communities make it engaging.

2. How does sports broadcasting connect fans to the game?
By providing real-time coverage, detailed analysis, and instilling a sense of presence, broadcasting connects fans to every aspect of the game.

3. What technological advancements have improved 스포츠중계?
Advancements such as high-definition video, multi-angle cameras, VR experiences, and interactive platforms have all improved sports broadcasting.

4. Why is the conversational style effective in sports broadcasting?
It maintains viewer engagement, creates a personal connection, and makes the content relatable and easy to comprehend.

5. Can international viewers enjoy 스포츠중계 in their language?
Yes, many broadcasting services offer multi-language commentary and subtitles to cater to a global audience.

Staying connected with pe …

Personal Communication Devices

Communication devices allow people to stay connected no matter where they are. These devices also offer accessibility for those with physical restrictions or disabilities.

In Virginia, using a handheld personal communications device while driving is a traffic infraction (Va. Code SS46.2-818.2). A conviction could lead to a $250 fine.

Cell Phones

Cell phones allow us to instantly connect to others around the globe. However, the ability to easily connect can also cause distractions that detract from our daily tasks. For example, texting while driving is responsible for 8.5 percent of all traffic accidents.

A cellular phone is a handheld, wireless receiver that communicates via radio waves to and from a tower-based transmitter/receiver system. It resembles the receiver on a traditional telephone landline but is much smaller. More expensive versions of these devices can also store music and photos, play games and browse the Internet.

Martin Cooper of Motorola is credited with making the first publicized handheld mobile phone call on a DynaTAC model in 1973. The first commercial cellular network went live in 1979. The earliest mobile phones used analog technology, and the handsets were bulky and 2-plus pounds in weight. Eventually these devices got smaller and more powerful, with the introduction of digital cell phone technologies such as GSM, CDMA and TDMA.


Computers are electronic devices that accept data input from a keyboard and display output on a screen or, in some cases, to a printer. They can perform numerous tasks such as storing, analyzing and retrieving information, writing documents, and playing games. They can also be used to access the Internet and communicate with other people through email or instant messaging software.

Many personal communication devices are actually specialized computers. Cellular mobile phones, for example, have advanced computing resources and are sometimes called smartphones. Laptops, which are lightweight and portable, incorporate these same computing resources but run on battery power. Wearable devices such as fitness trackers and smartwatches are essentially miniaturized computers.

Employees may use University-owned personal communication devices for occasional personal use, but must abide by the Acceptable Use Policy located on the ITS website. Authorization for individual devices must be given by the person’s immediate supervisor and in accordance with policies departments may establish. Telecommunications will advise individuals on monthly plan options and costs to ensure the device selected is appropriate for business use.

Gaming Consoles

A game console is a device that is designed specifically for playing video games. Most gaming consoles are able to connect to television sets and come with controllers that allow players to interact with the game. Game consoles can also be used to play movies and online services like Netflix.

Many game consoles have ports for connecting power, controllers, televisions or video monitors and external storage devices. They are typically enclosed in a case to protect the internal components from damage and constrain air flow for cooling.

Many games consoles have built-in parental controls that can be configured to limit the type of content a child can access and the amount of time they can spend on a game. Parents should explore these features and discuss them with their children when choosing a gaming console to purchase.


Tablets use a touch screen interface, making them simple to operate for people of all ages and technical backgrounds. They are smaller and lighter than laptops and have long battery life, allowing them to be used for extended periods without charging.

Most tablets are Wi-Fi enabled, enabling them to connect to the internet and stay connected on the go. Many have a rear camera for taking photos and videos. Some also have a front-facing camera for selfies and video chats.

Using a tablet as an assistive communication device is a great option for ALS patients who have lost the ability to communicate with their hands or have significant weakness in their muscles. Many apps allow the user to input text through a keyboard or with other methods such as mouse access and head tracking. Some even offer “text-to-speech” functionality that converts any message into speech for quicker access. The best tablet for you depends on your specific needs and budget.

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The Enthralling World of …

Immerse Yourself in the Heart-Throbbing World of nba중계

Are you an ardent fan of basketball and can’t seem to get enough of the heart-racing, thrilling action on the court? Experience the exhilarating world of nba중계 like never before, where the slick dribbles, high-flying dunks, and edge-of-your-seat gameplay are just the tip of the iceberg.

Mesmerizing Magic of nba중계

Think of nba중계, and what comes to mind? Is it the indomitable legends like Michael Jordan soaring through the air or the mesmerizing magic of LeBron James’ powerhouse performances? The beauty of nba중계 goes beyond individual talents, it’s about the harmony of skilled athletes coming together to create heart-throbbing moments on the court.

Why nba중계 Matters?

Language and borders don’t matter when it comes to the love for basketball. The nba중계 caters to fans worldwide, offering them a chance to watch and follow their favorite teams and players without any obstacles. So, if you’re ready for some electrifying basketball, just click on to witness the magic unfold.


Let’s face it, basketball is more than just a game; it’s a lifestyle and a community uniting fans across the globe, and nba중계 is right at the heart of it. So, hop on the roller coaster ride of dazzling dribbles, incredible interceptions, and sensational slam dunks with nba중계, and join the worldwide community of die-hard basketball fans.


1. What’s special about nba중계?

Nba중계 offers live broadcasts of NBA games, capturing every dribble, shot, and dunk, ensuring you don’t miss a moment of the thrilling action on the court.

2. Where can I watch nba중계?

You can watch nba중계 on . Just click and enjoy the exciting world of basketball.

3. Is nba중계 available outside of Korea?

Absolutely, nba중계 is for all NBA fans worldwide. No matter where you are, you can tune in and watch your favorite teams and players.

4. Can I watch nba중계 for free?

The specifics depend on the source and broadcasting rights. Check out https://kkangtv.com for more information.

5. What’s the quality of the nba중계 broadcasts?

Nba중계 aims to provide high-quality broadcasts, ensuring you don’t miss a moment of the captivating on-court action.

Passionate professionals …

Nomad RP Communications

r p communications is above all a team of passionate professionals. Whatever their training and background, they all share a global vision of Communication and PR. Nomad RP Communication supports its clients in perfect adequacy with their identity and objectives.

Table 4 presents a critical comparison of observed facilitation Ws using the ‘Cycle of Communication’ model (Fig. 1). These three Ws displayed different facilitation approaches.


RP-COM is an acronym that stands for Role Play Communications. It is a term that has been used by researchers to refer to the communication between different communities about the things they are interested in. This is done through social media and other forms of digital communication. It has become popular in recent years because of the growth of rp-communities on the internet.

Typical RP pronunciations

There are many aspects of standard British English that are distinctive from other varieties of English. Among them is the pronunciation of the /r/ sound, which in RP is not dropped in the middle of words as it is in other accents. It is also pronounced in a manner that is closer to the original sound of the language before it was modified by the various changes introduced through spelling and phonology.

Other characteristics of RP include a lack of the father-bother merger and the cot-caught merger that occur in some other accents, a neutralisation of the difference between the triphthongs /aI@/ as in tower, tar, lower and eI@/ as in layer and oI@/ as in loyal and the loss of the distinction between short and long vowels. It is common for RP speakers to lengthen the short a vowel before fricative or nasal consonants in a subset of words. Examples of this are trap /traep/, cat /kaet/ and dad /daed/. They may also lengthen the short u vowel to create the diphthong /ju:/ in words such as news /nuz/ and Tuesday /tju:zdeI/.

The RP record specifies the mailbox of the person or organization responsible for the hostname. It is a type of DNS resource record that allows individuals to contact the person or organization that is responsible for managing a domain’s DNS records. The RP record does not affect email delivery or mail server configuration.

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The Importance and Future …

Understanding the Intriguing World of Casino Distributor Recruitment

In the sparkling universe of global gambling, casino distributor recruitment or 카지노총판모집 plays a key role. Casino distributors, also known as gambling operators, provide an array of interesting, unique, and engaging casino games to score high on the entertainment chart and capture the market.

Why is 카지노총판모집 So Important?

Casino distributors are the backbone of any casino enterprise. It’s through them that a diverse range of games reaches the players. So, 카지노총판모집 isn’t just about employment – it’s about ensuring the continuity and growth of the casino industry.

How To Be A Successful Casino Distributor?

Being a successful casino distributor demands an understanding of the industry, a passion for games, and a keen eye for trends. It’s not merely about distributing games, but selecting the most exciting ones. What’s more, mastering the art of 카지노총판모집 could be your ticket to a thrilling career in the dynamic world of casinos.

What’s The Future Of 카지노총판모집?

As the rise of digital technology continues to shape the world, the field of 카지노총판모집 is bound to evolve too. In the future, the focus may shift from traditional gambling arenas to innovative online platforms with more interactive and immersive gaming experiences.


The 카지노총판모집 isn’t just an employment sector. It’s a fundamental part of the casino industry, ensuring gamers worldwide get access to a variety of captivating games. So, whether you’re a passionate gamer or an ambitious entrepreneur, remember the 카지노총판모집. After all, it’s through this process that the fun and thrill of the casino world reach every nook and corner of our lives!


1. What is 카지노총판모집?
– 카지노총판모집 refers to the recruitment of casino distributors who operate and provide casino games, maintaining the integrity of the gambling industry.

2. What are the requirements to become a casino distributor?
– The requirements can vary, but generally, a comprehensive understanding of the casino industry, excellent communication skills, and a knack for identifying market trends are essential.

3. What is the role of 카지노총판모집 in the casino industry?
– 카지노총판모집 ensures the continuity and growth of the industry by providing a diverse range of exciting and engaging casino games to players.

4. What skills are needed for a successful career in 카지노총판모집?
– Along with a deep understanding of the casino industry, one needs excellent negotiation skills, a passion for games, and an ability to keep up with market trends.

5. How is the future of 카지노총판모집 shaping up?
– With the rise of digital technology, the field of 카지노총판모집 is likely to evolve, shifting towards online platforms that offer more immersive and interactive gaming experiences.

The Impact of Personal Co …

Personal Communication Devices

Personal communication devices allow people to stay connected to friends and family. These devices can also help them with their daily activities.

Hospital-registered nurses use personal electronic communication devices to engage in non-work-related Internet activities, but little is known about their impact on patient safety and quality of care. This study sought to understand the nature and implications of nurses’ PCD use at work.

What is a personal communication device?

A personal communication device is a cell phone, tablet computer or other electronic device that allows you to communicate with others. These devices also allow you to stay connected to friends and family no matter where you are.

Using these devices while on the job has many benefits but there are also some risks. One of the biggest risks is distraction. Studies in psychology and education show that distractions can cause a reduction in performance.

Employees must follow the use policies for personal communications tools, as outlined by their departments and the University. Generally, employees are permitted to use these tools for work-related purposes only and for limited personal uses that do not interfere with their ability to carry out their duties. This includes placing and receiving calls, text messaging, blogging and microblogging, e-mailing and using the video or camera features of these devices.

The DynaVox Maestro

Pittsburgh-based Dynavox makes speech generating devices that closely resemble tablet computers. Their Maestro device, for example, has a touch screen, different input options (joystick, head mouse, visual scanning), a built-in camera and wi-fi capabilities, and the company’s InterAACt communication software.

The device allows users to select picture or word keys which are generated into a voice. It also has features such as concept-based phrase prediction, speech amplification and rate enhancement.

According to a Dynavox press release, the Maestro is “designed for daily communication needs and enables users to access their favorite apps.” The device costs approximately $7,565; however, it is often covered by Medicare or private insurance. The Kids Center on Eastern Parkway offers a device loan program for those who want to try out the technology before purchasing it.

Cell Phones

Cell phones rely on wireless technology to connect to the outside world and enable calls, text messages and internet access. The phone’s radio antenna converts electronic signals into radio waves and vice versa.

The first handheld cellular mobile phone was made by Motorola in 1973. It weighed four and a half pounds, and its user could only use it when within range of a special telephone service area called a “cell.” These analog phones were replaced by digital ones in the 1980s.

Today, most people have a mobile phone with them at all times. These phones, often referred to as smartphones, have advanced features like GPS and mobile apps. Several large epidemiological studies have linked cellphone use to head and neck cancers in adults, but the results are still mixed.


Computers are powerful devices that process information at a rate of millions per second. Using computers, people can access a huge amount of free resources and find ways to improve their lives.

A personal communication device that combines computing, telephony and networking capabilities is known as a PDA, or personal digital assistant. These devices can function as a cell phone, fax machine and a handheld organizer.

Nursing research has shown that PCDs offer nurses the convenience of instant communication with colleagues and medical references on in-patient units. However, they also introduce a new source of distraction that may impact patient safety. [1]

Gaming Consoles

Gaming consoles are the most popular personal communication devices on the market today. These devices include the Sony Playstation, Nintendo Wii, and Microsoft Xbox systems. They are application-specific computers that offer network connectivity, and have the ability to integrate into TVs and systems.

These systems also allow players to interact with one another using a video camera system called the Kinect. This allows players to communicate with one another during live gameplay. While this is fun, it is not a good idea to let children use these devices unless they are under supervision with privacy controls enabled.

Currently, most gaming consoles have parental controls, but these are not foolproof. These may not stop kids from using these devices to spy on their parents or other people.

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Cellular phone technologi …

What is a Personal Communication Service?

Personal communication services (PCS) is the term for cellular phone technologies that enable mobile communications. Also known as digital cellular, PCS offers advanced wireless communication capabilities to boost the functionality of traditional cellular and fixed-line telephony networks.

Personal Communications supports a variety of SNA client application programming interfaces. These include high-performance routing (HPR) and dependent LU 6.2 requester support.


Voice communication is the ability to transmit sound via a spoken word or signal. This allows people to interact with technology simply by speaking, enabling hands-free requests and reminders. It also facilitates speech-to-text dictation programs and voice recognition devices such as Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri, which can take instructions and respond with text.

Broadband personal communications services, or PCS, is the radio telecommunications service utilizing the 1850-1990 MHz spectrum range for digital mobile phones and other services. This includes CDMA code division multiple access and Global System for Mobile (GSM) communications.

PCS can be incorporated into other programs as an embedded object, showing up as an icon or appearing as a window within the other program when actuated. It can also be activated through a script; Visual Basic or LotusScript are supported by Personal Communications, and any ActiveX/OLE automation scripting language can be used to produce compound documents with a PCS embedded object.


PCS is a wireless service that offers voice, messaging and data transmission. It uses end-to-end digital technology and is more secure than analog cellular technologies. PCS systems also use a wide spectrum of frequencies to provide greater capacity and coverage than traditional cellular networks.

Sometimes referred to as digital cellular, personal communications service utilizes time division multiple access (TDMA), CDMA and GSM technology. It was designed to enable extensive mobility by offering users connectivity as they move between different cell-based networks in a geographic area.

PCS sessions can be embedded or linked into other programs as part of a compound document, with the appearance that they are one entity. This can be done through a script, such as Visual Basic or LotusScript, which is used with any ActiveX/OLE automation scripting language. In this way, Personal Communications can be activated when the container program is started, or it can appear to read host entry screens automatically, for example.


In technology terms, messaging enables loosely coupled communication. It allows programs to send information to a service that handles it and then conveys it to other systems without the sending program knowing the destination system’s address or even its existence. This is similar to postal and shipping services, where letters or packages are handed off to a carrier, not to the recipient.

Personal Communications supports a number of client application programming interfaces (API) for host terminal emulation and client/server SNA applications. These include AnyNet SNA over TCP/IP, High Performance Routing (HPR), and Dependent LU Requester (DLUR).

PCS, sometimes called digital cellular, uses wireless technology to add voice, data and paging capabilities to existing AMPS cellular phone networks. It relies on a network of geographic areas divided by frequency bands to provide continuous phone coverage as the mobile user moves between different cells. PCS also provides high-speed data transmission on demand to supplement voice service. It is based on circuit-switched TDMA, CDMA and GSM technologies.

Location Services

Location services (also known as geospatial technologies) combine information and communication technologies to offer mobile users the right service at the right time. They use a device user’s geographical position to automatically or query-initiated provide information and/or services, such as maps, navigation software, and social networking services.

Apps that can access your location use GPS, Wi-Fi, Global Positioning System (GPS) networks, Bluetooth devices and cellular networks to determine your approximate position. They can share that information with other apps and websites, as long as you allow them to do so.

When Location Services is enabled, iOS will periodically send the locations of nearby Wi-Fi hotspots and cellular towers to Apple to help build crowd-sourced databases of those locations. These location data points aren’t associated with any personal identifying information. If you don’t want to continue to share this type of data, turn off Location Services when not in use. You can also change the level of detail an app has access to by tapping Settings and reviewing an app’s terms, privacy policies and practices.

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