PSB Speakers






News Release: PSB Introduces Trio of Custom Sound Speaker Solutions

High Performance In-Ceiling Speakers Feature Exceptional Sound, Ease of Installation

News Release: PSB Intros SubSeries 450 Powered Subwoofer

Company’s Most Advanced, Most Powerful Subwoofer Delivers Unsurpassed Performance

News Release: PSB Launches Imagine XA: Newest Dolby Atmos Enabled Speaker Modules

Ideal Speaker Solution For Recreating the Magic of Dolby Atmos Moving Audio

News Release: PSB Honored with CES Innovation Award

M4U 4 In-Ear Monitor Delivers Remarkable, Performance Style and Comfort


News Release: PSB Introduces Innovative M4U 4 In-Ear Monitor

Unique Two-Way Hybrid Design Builds Upon Paul Barton’s Successful Headphone

Research and Design at Canada’s NRC


News Release: PSB VisionSound VS21 Soundbase

Alpha VS21 Offers Remarkable Performance, Simplicity and Convenience in Compact Design

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News Release: PSB Announces New Flagship Models: Imagine T3 and C3

Complementary C3 Center Channel Will Join T3 as Brand’s New Reference Models

PSB Imagine T3-C3 Brochure

PSB Imagine T3-C3 Data Sheet

News Release: PSB’s Imagine X Redefines Simplicity and Value

News Release: PSB Offers Potent Powered Media System combining Highly Acclaimed Alpha PS1 with SubSeries100      

Affordable Desktop Audio Solution Delivers High Performance in Stylish Compact Package

News Release: PSB Intros New Line of Premium CustomSound Solutions 9-24-2013

High Performance Architectural Speakers Feature Quality Construction, Ease of Installation

News Release: PSB Creates Ultra-Compact, Powerful Sub Solution 9-24-2013

Versatile Sub Delivers Astounding Performance for its Size and Price 

News Release: PSB Intros Newest Subwoofer, Affordable SubSeries 125

Spirited Subwoofer Delivers Performance That Belies Its Compact Footprint     

News Release: PSB Intros Innovative On-Wall Speaker Solutions

W1 and W3 Combine Unique Flexibility, Ease of Installation and Remarkable Sound

News Release: Imagine mini c 9-5-2012

Award-winning PSB mini gets center channel complement



News Release PSB Headphone Lineup Expands 9-5-2012

PSB Adds M4U 1 Plus Exciting New Colors

News Release PSB Alpha PS1 9-5-2012












Affordable Plug-and-Play Speaker System Features Impressive Sound and Flexibility

News Release PSB Adds New Imagine Flagship, T2

PSB Debuts T2, Formidable New Imagine Series Flagship  Leading Speaker Brand Brings Latest Design Technology to Elegant Floor-standing Model

News Release PSB M4U 2 Headphone12-15-2011

M4U 2 Result of Decades of Paul Barton’s Cutting-Edge Research at Canada’s Prestigious NRC

News Release PSB Imagine Mini, Bold New Member Of Highly Acclaimed Imagine Speaker Series 7-25-11

Elegant, Sophisticated New Entry Widens Imagine Series’ Value and Appeal While Adding Its Own Distinctive Personality