HiFiMAN Launches New Planar Flagship: SUSVARA 

Premium Design Utilizes Nanotechnology to Create Unrivaled Listening Experience

News Release: HiFiMAN Introduces Ultimate Headphone System

Premium Electrostatic Design Fully Utilizes Nanotechnology to Create Extreme Listening Experience

News Release: HiFiMAN Updates Its References HE 1000 and Edition X V2

Highly Acclaimed Planar Magnetic Models Receive Styling and Ergonomic Improvements

News Release: HiFiMAN Goes Ultra-Portable with its SuperMini Player

Compact, Lightweight Player Still Delivers High Performance for Discerning Audiophiles       

News Release: HiFIMAN Introduces first on-ear headphone with Edition S

Choice of Open or Closed Back Offers Options On How and Where S Can Be Enjoyed

News Release: HiFIMAN Launches New High Performance Planar Phone: Edition X

Ultra-High Sensitivity Allows Company’s Full-Size Headphone To Sound Great With A Smartphone or Portable Audio Device

News Release: HiFIMAN is honored with CES Innovations Award

HE1000 redefines performance, comfort and style

News Release: HiFiMAN HE400S Affordable Planar Headphone

Lowest Priced Planar Model On the Market Features Remarkable Performance, Comfort and Value

News Release: HiFiMAN HE1000 Flagship Planar Headphone

News Release: HiFiMAN HM901 High-Res Portable Player

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Unveils EF100 Hybrid Amplifier

Versatile Design Accepts Multiple Sources and Can Drive Headphones and Speakers

News Release: HiFiMAN Introduces RE300 Affordable In-Ear Phone

Three New Compact Models Offer Flexibility and Musicality For Music Lovers On-The-Go

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News Release: HiFiMAN HE-400i 7-30-14

HiFiMAN Redefines A Headphone Legend: HE-400i Leading High-End Brand Adds Another Full-Size Planar Model Featuring Best-In-Class Comfort, Sound and Value

News Release: HiFiMAN HE-560 4-28-14 

HiFiMAN Introduces Innovative Planar Headphone: HE-560 Leading High-End Brand Redefines What is Possible in Performance, Style and Comfort

News Release: HiFiMAN Introduces HM-802 Reference Music Player

Descendant of Company’s HM-901, New Player Delivers Audiophile Grade Sound At a More Affordable Price

News Release: HiFiMAN HM-700 Portable Music Player for Music Lovers On-The-Go

Compact and Stylish with Great Sound, New Player Features Balanced Output and Comes Supplied with HiFiMAN RE-400 In-Ear Phones

News Release: HiFiMAN Introduces RE-600, RE-400 Premium In-Ear Phones

Advanced ergonomics, Custom Designed Drivers and Premium Materials Promise Best-In Class Performance and Comfort

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News Release: HiFiMAN Launches HM-901 Reference Music Player

Company’s High-Res Player Raises the Bar on What is Possible with Portable Audio    

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News Release: HiFiMAN Expands U.S. Support 8-16-2012

Convenient Delaware Location Provides Ready Access to Major Markets While Expanded Hours Offers Increased Customer Support       

NewsRelease: HiFiMAN HE-400 12-30-11

Lightweight, Affordable High-Performance, Planar Magnetic Headphone Can Be Driven By Portable Devices, even an iPod!

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NewsRelease: HiFiMAN EF-6 1-09-12

State-of-the-Art, Class A Amplifier Design Drives The Most Demanding Headphones      

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NewsRelease: HiFiMAN HM-601 S Portable Music Player1-09-12

Superb Performance, Convenience and Comfort all in an Ultra- Compact Size

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NewsRelease: HiFiMAN Stuns with Affordable, Compact HM-101 USB DAC  11-14-11
Budget-Priced USB DAC Offers Greatly Improved Sound for Everyday Applications

NewsRelease: HiFiMAN Announces New Affordable Headphone 11-14-11
HiFiMAN Announces Great Sounding, Full-Size HE-300 Headphone

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